m0leCon 2022 is the fourth edition of the computer security conference organized by the student team pwnthem0le in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino. The aim is to bring together hackers, security experts, and IT specialists from different backgrounds and skill levels. The conference will feature a variety of talks and presentations, mostly focused on multiple aspects of offensive security. It will be entirely held in english.

Call for presentations!

Call for presentations is open!

We are looking for contributions over all areas of cybersecurity, regarding but not limited to:

  • Web exploitation
  • Network analysis, forensics and incident response
  • Cryptography and cryptographic protocols
  • Software security (binary exploitation, reverse engineering, obfuscation techniques)
  • Hardware and side-channel analysis

We encourage practical works with live demonstrations to the audience.

Submission does not have to be completely original, but works with higher grade of novelty will be preferred. The commitee will evaluate the submissions in terms of:

  • relevance
  • novelty
  • completeness
  • technical content

Every presentation will be 30 or 45 minutes long, including questions. All presentations will be in English.

Call for Presentations will be open from June 15th 2022 to October 1st 2022. Submissions received before September 1st 2022 will receive notification on September 15th, while final notification is due to October 15th.

Authors of selected presentations will receive travel and accomodation for up to one speaker, plus a speaker pack with gifts and swag from the conference.

In order to apply, you should send an email to with subject starting with [CfP m0leCon 2022] and the title of your talk, including

  • Your name/nickname/profile picture (optional)
  • Your contacts (including twitter/personal website)
  • Where do you plan to travel from if accepted
  • A preference for the length of the talk (30 or 45 minutes)
  • A short biography (max 1500 chars)
  • The abstract (max 4000 chars)
  • An outline of the talk (max 8000 chars)
  • Any additional material (slides, papers, demos)
  • If the work is novel (otherwise, where and when it was presented)

Call For Sponsorship!

The call for sponsorship for m0leCon 2022 is open! For more details contact us at

m0lecon CTF

m0leCon CTF Teaser will take place on May 13th 2022, starting at 7pm CEST. The competition will last for 24 hours and will offer several of tasks focused on different aspects of cybersecurity (including but not limited to: cryptography, web exploitation, pwning, reversing) in a jeopardy-style CTF format.

At the end of the 24h, the top 5 teams will qualify to play on-site at m0leCon CTF Finals, during the m0leCon Conference in Fall 2022. Registrations are now open!


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