Lukas Gerlach Ph.D. student @ CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Lukas Gerlach is a PhD student at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security microarchitecture and systems security at the rearch group of Michael Schwarz. He recieved his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Saarland University. Lukas work focuses on various topics ranging from novel architectures such as RISC-V over automated reverse engineering of CPUs to Rowhammer attacks. He is a passionate CTF player focussing on exploitation and cryptography for the saarsec team.

Talk: Rowhammer Revisited: From Exploration to Exploitation and Mitigation

Luca Ginex Vulnerability Researcher @ Exodus Intelligence

Luca is a Vulnerability Researcher at Exodus Intelligence. He is interested in binary exploitation and low-level programming.

Talk: VirtualBox is collapsing: a n-day story

Floris Gorter Ph.D. student @ VUSec

Floris Gorter is a PhD student at VUSec, the Systems and Network Security group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands). His research focuses on software security, memory safety, and malware analysis. Previously, he published research on efficient use-after-free detection (DangZero) and accelerating memory error detection using the FPU (FloatZone).

Talk: FloatZone: how Floating Point Additions can Detect Memory Errors

Chih-Jen Huang

The speaker, splitline, is a amateur web / application security enthusiast who has spoken at HITCON 2022 and was a finalist at DEF CON 30. He also participate in Capture The Flag competitions with team ⚔️TSJ⚔️ and ${CyStick}, and have a daily interest in finding vulnerabilities.

Talk: PyJails in the Wild: Bringing CTF Challenges to the Real World

Luciano Maino Ph.D. student @ University of Bristol

Luciano is a PhD Student at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Dr Chloe Martindale. His main interest is post-quantum cryptography and, more specifically, isogeny-based cryptography. Luciano is interested in employing algebraic geometry to both cryptanalyse and design quantum-resistant cryptosystems. Other interests include improvements on isogeny computations.

Talk: Attacks and New Developments in Isogeny-based Cryptography

Marco Squarcina Senior Scientist @ TU Wien

Marco Squarcina is a senior scientist at TU Wien, which he joined at the end of 2018 after receiving his PhD in Computer Science at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. His research interests mainly focus on Web and mobile security, spanning from system security to applied formal methods. His work was published in several top-tier academic venues, and he serves on the program committee of numerous conferences and workshops (IEEE S&P, ACSAC, WOOT, MadWeb, SecWeb, etc.). As a long-standing member of the CTF hacking scene, Marco co-founded the mhackeroni team and competed at the DEF CON CTF finals four times. He co-organized the Italian Cyber Challenge project and is collaborating with the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) on IT security educational initiatives; after coordinating the Attack/Defense CTF at the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) 2022 in Vienna, he is now serving as the coach of the Austrian national team. Marco is also a passionate teacher, offering CTF-based security courses at TU Wien and supporting the Viennese academic team WE_0WN_Y0U.

Talk: Cookie Crumbles: Unveiling Web Session Integrity Vulnerabilities

Daniel Weber Ph.D. student @ CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Daniel Weber is a PhD student researching in the field of microarchitectural attacks, such as side-channel and transient-execution attacks. His work focuses on automating the process of finding such attacks. Daniel already gave presentations and trainings about his work on both, academic (e.g., USENIX, ESORICS) as well as industrial (Black Hat MEA, RuhrSec) conferences. He is part of Michael Schwarz' research group at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. Before that, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity from Saarland University. In his free time, Daniel regularly participates in Capture the Flag competitions as part of the team saarsec.

Talk: Rowhammer Revisited: From Exploration to Exploitation and Mitigation