Nils Albartus Ph.D. student @ Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy

Nils Albartus is a PhD student in the Embedded Security group at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, where he is adviced by Prof. Christof Paar. He received both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in IT Security from Ruhr University Bochum. His research interests include building of and defending against hardware Trojans, reverse engineering of hardware and the creation of strong hardware obfuscation methods against reverse engineering.

Talk: The Painful Life of a Hardware Reverse Engineer

Eran Ayalon Security Researcher @ Cybereason Security Research Team

Eran Ayalon, Security Researcher at the Cybereason Security Research Team specializes in detecting different attack frameworks on multiple OS. Eran started his career six years ago as a security researcher in the Israeli Air Force, where he specialized in malware analysis, forensics, and incident response. Eran's previous employment was in the banking sector, where he led the threat hunting and incident response in corporate environments.

Talk: Container Escape: All you need is cap (capabilities)

Pietro Borrello Ph.D. student @ Sapienza University of Rome

Pietro Borrello is a PhD Student at the Sapienza University of Rome, working on System Security.
His focus is applying Fuzzing and Program Analysis techniques to find and mitigate architectural and microarchitectural vulnerabilities.
He is a passionate CTF player focusing on exploitation and reverse-engineering with both TRX and mhackeroni teams, which he co-founded. BlackHat speaker and 2x PwnieAward winner, he is also the co-founder and current lead of the DEFCON Group in Rome.

Talk: ÆPIC Leak: Architecturally Leaking Uninitialized Data from the Microarchitecture

Matt Bromiley Lead Solutions Engineer @ LimaCharlie

Matt Bromiley is the lead solutions engineer at LimaCharlie, where he helps organizations design and build world-class security infrastructure. He also serves as a subject-matter expert for the SANS Securing The Human and technical writer for the SANS Analyst Programs. Matt brings his passion for digital forensics to the classroom as a SANS instructor for FOR508: Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting, and FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics, where he focuses on providing students with implementable tools and concepts. He has helped organizations of all types and sizes, from multinational conglomerates to small, regional companies. Matt’s wide-ranging career gives him a broad, technical perspective on incident response, digital forensics, cyber risk management, and enterprise information security.

Talk: Striking Down Cobalt Strike

Alessio Leoncini Technical Leader @ Spike Reply

Alessio obtained a PhD in Machine learning, Data mining and Cybersecurity in 2013 from the University of Genoa, after a MSC in Electronic Engineering from the same faculty. He is now the Technical Leader of the penetration testing team at Spike Reply, the cybersecurity company of Reply, focusing on hardware analysis of embedded systems and automotive security. His main technical interests include Cryptography, Computer & Hardware Security, and performance-oriented coding.

Talk: Exploiting embedded devices in 2022

Omri Misgav Fortinet

Omri has over a decade of experience in cyber-security. He serves as the CTO of a security research group at Fortinet focused on OS internals, malware and vulnerabilities and spearheads development of new offensive and defensive techniques. Prior to Fortinet, Omri was the security research team leader at enSilo. Before that, He led the R&D of unique network and endpoint security products for large-scale enterprise environments and was part of an incident response team, conducting investigations and hunting for nation-state threat actors.

Talk: DSE, KDP and Everything In Between: New Techniques to Run Unsigned Rootkits

Roberto Paleari Senior manager @ Spike Reply

Roberto Paleari is a senior manager at Spike Reply, where he leads the offensive security unit. His team includes skilled cybersecurity professionals, who support customers through activities ranging from traditional penetration testing services to niche security assessments (embedded firmware & hardware analysis). He has an extensive track record in analyzing complex systems and reverse engineering low-level software, and loves finding vulnerabilities in "secure" systems to dismantle the myth of unbreakable things. Roberto got a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Milan, focusing on system security and malware analysis.

Talk: Exploiting embedded devices in 2022

Bobby Rauch

Bobby is a Boston, Massachusetts, USA - based security researcher and penetration tester who has found high severity vulnerabilities in Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle. Bobby has had his research work published by Brian Krebs, Bleeping Computer, and has spoken at cybersecurity events in Boston. Bobby holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from MIT, and the OSCP and OSWE certifications.

Talk: “GIFShell” — Covert Attack Chain and C2 Utilizing Microsoft Teams GIFs

Ilan Sokol Security Researcher @ Cybereason Security Research Team

Ilan Sokol, Security Researcher at the Cybereason Security Research Team specializes in Linux research. Prior to Cybereason, his work focused on research in the offensive security field. Ilan has a deep understanding of the malicious operations prevalent in the current threat landscape. Ilan loves digital forensics and incident response, but is also interested in offensive aspects such as vulnerability research.

Talk: Container Escape: All you need is cap (capabilities)

Julian Speith Ph.D. student @ Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy

Julian Speith is a PhD student in the Embedded Security group at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, where he is adviced by Prof. Christof Paar. His research involves various aspects of hardware security and, in particular, includes developing new approaches for hardware reverse engineering as well as hardware Trojan deployment and detection. He did both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in IT security at Ruhr University Bochum, one of Europes most prestigious research hubs for cyber security.

Talk: The Painful Life of a Hardware Reverse Engineer

Paolo Stagno Vulnerability Researcher and Exploit Developer @ Exodus Intelligence

Paolo Stagno (aka VoidSec) has worked as a Penetration Tester for a wide range of clients across top tier international banks, major tech companies and Fortune 1000 industries. He was responsible for discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in applications, network infrastructure components, protocols, and technologies. He is now a Vulnerability Researcher and Exploit Developer at Exodus Intelligence, focused on Windows offensive application security (kernel and user-land). He enjoys understanding the digital world we live in, disassembling, reverse engineering and exploiting complex products and code. In his own research, he discovered various vulnerabilities in software of multiple vendors and tech giants like eBay, Facebook, Google, HP, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, TIM and many others.
Since the beginning of his career, he has enjoyed sharing his expertise with the security community with his website and blog. He is also an active speaker in various security conferences around the globe like: HITB, Typhooncon, Hacktivity, SEC-T, Droidcon, HackInBo, TOHack, Meethack and m0leCon.

Talk: The Talented Mr. RiPPLey